Become the One who makes it Happen

Welcome to my kitchen!

Food like air and water, is one of the basic needs for all the reasons we know. To me, it is also an expression of friendship, love, hospitality, and kindness. A home cooked meal carries a priceless due warmth. Cooking should always be done with and in love. 

No, you will not find a cordon bleu here. Not even a recipes site. Here, a woman gives love through her cooking. Neither the west nor feminism will uproot this great attribute of an African Woman. An African woman cooks. 

As I sashay into my kitchen, I wrap my apron around my need-to-do-some-abs waist, and start prepping for a good dish... it is enough to boost my spirit.

Money or possession fall short of replacing an authentic home made meal. Try it next time you want to reconcile divided souls.

Bon Appetit!