Become the One who makes it Happen

Finally you made it here...

It is every African immigrant's dream to become successful. Yet, the definition of success is relative and not all take the same road to achieve it. We land on a new soil with colossal expectations and a thirst for a brighter future. From climatic and cultural changes to mediated stereoptypes, the African immigrant quickly realizes that the world order was not designed in his or her favor. Regardless of his or her immigration status, emotional and external tensions start to rise. And one must decide to either check out or walk through the shadow of hell.

For, one thing is certain and has remained constant throughout the ages, the African blood is enduring.

Africa, the continent, is rich in nature; however its economically and politically abused state causes some of her natives to seek refuge elsewhere. Others choose to daydream of the day of their escape. Africa is then neglected and rejected by her own; but the truth is - IT'S ALL BEEN PLANNED.

The African is built to transcend all plotted schemes aiming to keep his or her destiny in servitude.

Today, the African diaspora is now the enlightened Africa. To sustain, it must reclaim its roots by consuming more from African businesses. African business owners are required on their part to step up and match the national competition. Thus, they can extend their influence outside of the African community and together we take ownership of the narration of our African story.

Those who finally understood that dared to create.

Here are some of my favorite local African businesses on the rise...