Become the One who makes it Happen

My Story

A dream never dies. It may tarry but it can never be cancelled.

The present

Hi! I am Naïde P. Obiang.

It took me two decades to have the courage to start my own website and share my vision with you. I write and I hope you will be inspired to change your world- to "Make it a better place."

The Journey

Everyone builds their own journey depending on where we think we might be going. The journey is neither bad nor good. It is unique to our own experiences, shaped by our own decisions. It is our perception that defines it.

My parents

My Congolese mother and Gabonese father have raised me to recognize the power of God and to enjoy the gift of independence with tenacity and serenity. Their ultimate sacrifice has taught me to identify myself to be a woman of valor and a royal diadem in God's plan.